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6 Steps to Counter an Offer

1. Set your target price (your goal).

2. When calculating your target price use precise non-round numbers like, say, £437,500 rather than £438,000. It gives the number more credibility and weight.

3. Set your first offer at 65% of your target price.

4. Calculate three raises of decreasing increments (to 85%, 95% and 100%)

5. Use empathy, and different ways of saying “no” to get the other side to counter-offer before you increase your offer - don't negotiate against yourself.

6. On your final number throw in a non-monetary item (that they probably don’t want) to show that you are at your limit.

In this model you use all the "best" negotiation tools: reciprocity, anchors, loss-aversion etc. without having to think about them.

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