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Royal Borough of Kensington

& Chelsea

Mediation Service

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The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is committed to preventing and deterring anti-social behaviour.  Mediation is one of a range of measures designed to reduce anti-social behaviour and foster better relations between neighbours in the Borough

 Concordian is an independent organisation that offers a simple   and informal and confidential process which can help resolve disputes   between neighbours quickly and easily. This service is known as Mediation.  The service is FREE to tenants of the Royal Borough of  Kensington & Chelsea 


 Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea will, with your consent, refer  all  appropriate cases to Concordian to see if Concordian can  assist you to  resolve the issue 


The types of problems with neighbours where Concordian can assist you are things like:

- noise

- harassment and intimidation 

- boundaries, hedges and fences 

- youth nuisance 

- parking 

- pets 

- rubbish , littering and fly-tipping 

- shared spaces and

- lifestyle differences 

In an appropriate case Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea will pass your details onto Concordian Mediation Services for them to  discuss the benefits of mediation with you and assist you in resolving  your dispute .


About the Service


  • Before you can use the RBKC Mediation Service you need to:

    • know what Mediation is

    • consent to the Mediation process

    • be referred by your RBKC Housing Officer


  • A trained mediator will speak with you on the phone to hear your concerns 

  • They make a similar call to your neighbour to hear their viewpoint also 

  • The Mediator will not take sides in a dispute or decide who is right or wrong 

  • The Mediator will help both neighbours to consider all the options. One option might be to meet each other in a neutral setting, with the mediator present, to discuss how best to resolve things


  • Mediation can help you to:

    • clarify what the problem was

    • understand what was going on for your neighbour

    • agree what to do next

    • sort the problem out

List Title

  • Working Together

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