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"Good Cop, Bad Cop"... and other common tactics.

A study by the American Management Association of negotiation tactics found the following were the most commonly used:

1. Highball/Lowball – making an extremely high or low offer (29%)

2. The Bogey – pretending a particular issue is important (17%)

3. Snow Job – overwhelming you with too much information (12%).

4. The Nibble – asking for a small concession that wasn’t discussed previously (11%)

5. Lack of Authority – your counterpart cannot make decisions (11%)

6. Good Cop/Bad Cop – one negotiator is reasonable, the other is not (8%)

7. Deadlines – creating a false deadline that pressures you into making a decision (6%)

8. My Way or the Highway – the “take it or leave it” approach (6%).

Know these tactics when you see them and have some pre-prepared strategies for dealing with each. It will pay dividends.

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